Various services are offered to our clients. These include:
  1. Comprehensive Assessments -Assessments of specific or related areas of concern are conducted to assist in determining a strategic plan of learning intervention and success. Informal or formal assessments can include any of the following areas, depending upon the client profile, needs and requests:
    • Reading, Writing, and/or Spelling
    • Auditory, Phonological or Language Processing
    • Visual Processing or Visual Perception
    • Printing or Cursive Writing

  2. Success Plans Assessment information along with pervious testing information, developmental and school histories, and observations are used to develop the individual Success Plan. Success Plans and interventions can include any of the following:
    • pre-literacy skills
    • printing and cursive writing
    • reading
    • spelling
    • written language
    • oral language
    • study skills
    • planning and organization
    • thinking skills
    • visual processing
    • auditory processing*

    * Integrated Learning Systems is one of the specialized programs used

  3. One-to-One Intervention and Remediation Each session generally runs 1-1 hrs long, depending upon the program and needs of the client. Most often, 2-3 sessions per week are recommended for optimal learning and retention.

  4. School, Home, and/or Work Place Visits Observations and consultations within the school or work place are also provided for parents or professionals requesting recommendations and suggestions within the school or work place environment.

  5. Referrals to Other Professionals or Support Networks - As required or requested, referrals to other professionals such as occupational therapists, developmental optometrists, school programs, summer programs, etc. are provided.

  6. Phone Consultations or One-Time In-Person Consultations For some clients, in-person or phone consultations are requested to seek advocacy suggestions or in response to general and specific learning queries.

  7. Group Presentations and Sessions Group presentations and information sessions are also offered. Sessions that have been offered include:

    • Enhancing Learning and Academic Success
    • Academic Success Laying the Foundation in the Early Years
    • Strategies for Struggling Readers
    • Strategies for Struggling Writers
    • Printing Basics
    • Success with Cursive Writing
    • Visual Perception- Another Piece of the Reading Puzzle
    • Success in Spelling Skills, Strategies and Tricks!
    • Study Skills