Learning Bridges is a learning clinic owned and operated by Dawne Roy, B.Ed. M.Ed. (Ed. Psyc), M.Ed. (Literacy). Learning Bridges is dedicated to assisting parents, teachers or other professionals in promoting learning success for preschoolers, school-aged children (ages 3-18), college students, and adults who experience academic difficulty or failure. Clients are provided with individualized learning interventions, suggestions and/or recommendations for assisting them to become successful life-long learners. Learning issues associated with work related concerns are also provided for those clients seeking such support. Through appropriate and relevant skill enhancement, and strategy acquisition, the promotion of learning abilities considered precursor to or associated with educational and literacy success are targeted. The goal of Learning Bridges is to strengthen learning strategies, cognitive processes and literacy skills so that clients can overcome their learning challenges, access their aptitudes and follow their dreams.

About Dawne Roy

Dawne Roy is a Learning/Reading Specialist who has extensive experience working with children with academic difficulties and learning differences. She has worked large and small group settings, as well as home environments. Dawne has taught in regular and special education placements and has worked as a consultant in psycho-educational, learning, and behavior assessments for a private consulting company. She was instrumental in the development and implementation of the first Learning Assistance Program for children in grades 3-6 while teaching in the Thibault School District # 35 (presently part of Greater St. Albert School District). She was also responsible for implementing the first Gifted Education Program in the district and credited for developing and implementing a strategic writing program for children in grade one. Dawne’s experience extends to work as a research assistant for various research projects at the University of Alberta as well at Rideau Regional Centre in Ontario. Her area of expertise and interest rests in cognition (and mental processes), auditory processes, phonological processing, and visual perception as they relate to play, development, learning and literacy outcomes.


Bachelor of Education
Major: Special Education
Minor: Reading
Master of Education
Ed. Psych. (Early Childhood Special Ed/
Psychoeducational and Play-Based Assessment)
Master of Education
Elementary Education - Literacy
Degrees were granted at the University of Alberta